About Us

Golf is an incredible game, but it can also be incredibly frustrating! Thanks to the short New England golf season, uncooperative weather when courses are open, scheduling conflicts with work and other responsibilities and lack of tee times, traditional outdoor golf is never as convenient or accessible as we would like, and we never get to play enough to fully satisfy that golfing itch.

Thankfully, at Stingers there is no such thing as an off season! Inside our facility, the weather is always perfect, and the games don’t stop when the sun goes down.

Virtual Golf

Virtual Golf is a great option for golfers of all skill and experience levels. New golfers who may be too intimidated to play on an actual course can come practice their swing without worrying about delaying other golfers or losing balls. More experienced golfers can enjoy extending their playing season into the evenings and throughout the year. Everybody, even professional golfers, can benefit from the data and analytics available through our State-of-the-art systems!

So, whether you are brand new to the wonderful sport of golf, or a seasoned professional, whether you are looking to seriously practice and improve your game, or just hoping to have a fun time out with friends, we welcome you to come swing some clubs with us at Stingers!

In our business, just like in our golf game, there is always room for improvement. Please feel free to share your constructive feedback by sending us an email at info@stingersindoorgolf.com

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